Hatumung and the Great Fish!

One day there lived a boy called Hatumung. He had two older brothers. The two brothers were very mean to Hatumung. Every night the two boys would go fishing and leave Hatumung doing work for their father. One night Hatumung went to the boys’ boat and hid under some reeds. When the boys had finished their supper they went out to the boat and put it in the water. After an hour they stopped and pulled out their fishing rods. Then Hatumung jumped out and said, “ha ha I’ve got you now!”. The boys jumped back but then said, “you have no bait, no line and no hook”. “Yes I do!” said Hatumung. Hatumung got out his grandmother’s fake jaw, punched himself and smothered the jaw with blood. Then he pulled some wool off his jumper and tied it to the jaw.  “There,” he said…

To be continued.

Hatumung and the Great Fish part 2

image Hatumung put his fishing rod in the water then waited for at least ten minutes. His two brothers were very angry with him. Then suddenly……… HATUMUNG CAUGHT A HUGE FISH!!!!! It made them go all around the lake and then into the ocean! It dragged them for days and weeks and then months! Hatumung made the great fish stop by tiring it out. The boys walked back to their house with the fish. But that night the two boys distorted the fish! 


My Dad would tell me this story every night, under the story blanket. He comes from New Zealand so that’s why he told me it.

Cute Pigs!


 Pigs are so cute and do you know why because they can…

they can FLY!!! I know a flying pig

They might want to do a jig. I don’t know it might want to go.

Pigs are so cute!








The cutest things on Earth!

Cute cute cute! Sometimes there’s a toot! Their ears flop down! Their tears drop down! They’re just so cute! They want to play! They want to stay! But then they have to go and that is so!They’re playful things and that is so but then they’ll have to go!


Greek Stories

One day Zeus’s wife was overseas and she had a baby girl. She was going back to the palace in a boat when a…  tornado swooped straight past her! She held on to her child as tightly as she could. It almost took the boat! She was very glad to see that her baby was still with her. Hours passed and still no sight of the palace. Then she saw something move in the water. She jumped in fear to see a sea-serpent! The sea-serpent bit half of the boat off!  Zeus saw the sea-serpent and threw a lighting bolt at it! It fell to ground and the goddess was back in the palace with her child.

Find out the letters to know which god or goddess l am

  • The letter that cat has but cot doesn’t
  • The letter that are has but ate doesn’t
  • The letter that pot has but pop doesn’t
  • The letter that step has but stop doesn’t
  • The letter that mop has but hop doesn’t
  • The letter that hit has but hot doesn’t
  • The letter that so has but do doesn’t

           WHAT AM I?




                     Answer : Artemis

The Rain Garden


imageOn the 23rd of June Dad,Tiki,Cuba and I went to the Rain Garden. We had a boat race and Dad won. Then we went for a walk and saw a small waterfall. We found a leaf and if you put water on it it won’t get wet! After that we went home.😃